Project Quilting Challenge #8

I have recently stumbled across a quilting challenge from Persimmon Dreams (www. . The premise is to follow a couple of rules and finish it within a week. This week the challenge was to create something based on the Carolina Lily.


I sketched my design in Koorong West Ryde’s Cafe whilst escaping the heat wave here in Sydney (Australia). When I first planned it, I thought it would be great for a coaster. However, not having ever done piecing in this manner before, I think I underestimated the fiddly natural of it. I completed the coaster, but decided I could do much better!

I then decided that I would do it as a heat pad – utilising the thermal wadding I have recently purchased and again never used before.

It is 220mm x 220mm, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.



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