Birds in the Air – Project Quilting Challenge 11.4

This is only my second time entering the challenge and maybe I might have chosen the wrong week. *self-derisive smirk* I’ve been busy with the two casual jobs I’ve got and struggling withwithers mental and emotional aspects of finding a permanent job.

I also needed inspiration to get back into sewing and Challenge Quilts is a great way to do it.

I love making practical things, rather than something you hang on the wall. And hand towels for the kitchen are one of my favorites.

I thought I would do birds flying across the top of the cow/farm towel. A lack of planning ended in a hot mess that I had to force myself to finish off.

So I chose to start again with a small square. I made sure I planned it out this time and it was looking great until I attached the worst binding I have ever done.

Thankfully it doesn’t look quite as bad as I thought it might.

I really enjoyed quilting it, so now that I’ve got my sewing groove back, I’ll do some more. I want to try free motion quilting, I’ve been putting it off.