My BPWs!

So last weekend I returned from Townsville. The climate up there is beautiful (although at the very time of writing they are in the eye of Tropical Cyclone Ita) and I am always sad to leave. Not the least because two of my besties are living there.

This trip was to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of those ladies and it was the first time in 10 months that all of our girl friends gathered together. Our catch ups are rarer and becoming more precious as time goes on. I think getting older makes me realise how fleeting time is, and to treasure each of these special times.

I think that this time was made even more special by the fact that (apart from 1 baby) we were without the demands of motherhood – or those with children were. It meant that attention was able to be focused on each other and reconnecting, and that was awesome!

Being childless, this may sound harsh or insensitive, but I don’t think anyone should under estimate the importance of focusing on our relationships, be they marriage partners or friendships, sans children. I don’t mean that you never take your children anywhere, but I do mean that you need to put undivided focus into your relationships.

This isn’t a dig at parents, single people (including me big time here!) have a tendency to be not ‘present’ when with friends. Technology distracts us the same way children distract parents, and keeps us from being fully in the moment.

Well this post is divergent! I didn’t see going this way when I started writing. I just wanted to say what a good time we had in The Ville celebrating and how special these ladies are to me. I am truly blessed to have the friendships that I do.Image